Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to put on the reading glasses...........

A few minutes ago I finished this book, but to honest I was itching to blog about it the minute I started it. Two States by Chetan Bhagat, what a wonderful read. A love-story between two young adults from different communities. One might find many such books, but this one is different, because it is humorous. No heavy duty emotions, very cool and casual, just the way young people are these days. Of course it has a happy ending, but the journey is exciting.

The characters and situations are so real, they remind you of your own relatives. The ones that make you go "geeeezzzzz" sometimes. We all have them, lets accept the fact. Also the conversations the protagonist has with himself in his mind while talking to others, reminded me that I do it quite often too.

The story pushed me down the memory lane and re-visit my own experience of choosing a life partner, sticking to the decision and getting married by hook or by crook (thats one helluva story too, I promise you). And for a split second I thought maybe we could have done things differently. But naa....... even before the thought could form properly, it disintegrated, in our case not possible. Getting back to the book, its a great read filled with self-gyan that makes a lot of sense, a small helping of nationalism, an introduction to the typical features of two different communities(that is really interesting), slightly touching a few social issues. If I say more maybe the fun of reading it all will ruined.

So I stop now and hope you get a copy and enjoy reading the book, because the one thing about this story is that you feel the urge to share it (or is it just me?), read it and find out.

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