Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That time of the year...

Long time I know, been busy doing nothing, really. Just plain old lazy I guess.......Any ways now that Ramadan is almost over, thought of writing something. So here I am, sitting next to my little princess, typing away while she is engrossed in watching Peter Pan.

It is 'that time of the year' when we Jakartans ( at least me and my friends) are distressed. No maids, we all feel the pinch. Actually a big poke as well as a shove. I bid farewell to mine yesterday. So now my house has a new maid ...somewhat clumsy and irritable, yes you guessed it right ME. And as far as I know some of my friends have been bestowed with the same title.

Apart from the work, which get done somehow anyway, there is something else that turns us all into a nervous wreck - the wait for the maids, be it new ones or the older ones coming back. One cannot predict them. It surely is a mystery what makes them tick. Now that there is no one to lend more than a helping hand to me all my chores will be done in short-cut mode. One dish meals, quick sandwiches and soups, less consumption of tea and so on.

But we are to be blamed entirely for such a situation. We get so used to the luxury of  having maids that we take it for granted. These are the times when I think of my friends living in the U.S, U.K, New Zealand and Australia who do not have this luxury at all. And to top it all they are all working as well as managing their homes. I do believe their husbands help with the chores. In any case,  Bravo! Girls you are the one to give me courage and inspiration to go through the drudgery of these 10-15 days.

Thus, while I am still waiting for a temporary part-timer to knock at my door, I gotta go and do my some dishes. Bye.