Friday, June 25, 2010

Crispy Bhindi (Okra) | Notecook

Crispy Bhindi (Okra) | Notecook

I love bhindi and of all the ways I prepare it ... this is my favorite. I know deep frying does raise a few eyebrows, but a little bit of indulgence for the sake of the Yumm Factor is okay sometimes. Hope you agree with me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Time

These days I much rather prefer to watch animated movies than the normal ones. Little Princess has her own enviable collection of animated movies and she likes to have company while watching them. Besides, since a long time none of the normal movies are worth a watch. Be it Hindi movies or English, one is worse than the other. Though I do hope I haven't missed any good ones.

Last weekend we watched Toystory-3, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Who said cartoons are for kids only? This movie had all the ingredients of a block-buster, minus real actors. But no one missed them, at least we didn't. A slight roller-coaster of emotions, we laughed,were scared and had damp eyes too. A job so well done by the makers, that even Little Princess understood what is going on in the movie.

I don't know what is the next movie that I will watch, but I am looking forward for another animated movie to release soon, because then I will be sure of not being disappointed.

Grilled Baby Potato Skewers

Grilled Baby Potato Skewers

Last weekend, we had some friends over and I prepared the Grilled Prawn Skewers for them. This got me thinking that what do I do for my vegetarian friends who would also like a grilled starter. So I tried my hands at baby potatoes and it turned out really well. And the Grilled Baby Potato Skewers were a though competition for the grilled prawns.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tricks to Save Time in The Kitchen | Gomestic

Tricks to Save Time in The Kitchen | Gomestic

This is how I manage to cut time from the kitchen. Though I love to cook I definitely do not fancy spending hours in the kitchen heat.
There are many more small, silly things things I do to save time and get my meals and myself out of the kitchen as soon as possible.

Re-inventing Your Wardrobe | BeyondJane

Re-inventing Your Wardrobe | BeyondJane

Here are a few general tips at being creative and creating a new look for your wardrobe. An extension of the earlier blog .

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coco-nutty-raisin Squares | Notecook

Coco-nutty-raisin Squares | Notecook

This is my take on the regular coconut burfi. It is easier, quicker and definitely yummier.


Needle And Spool
These last few weeks all I was doing was cook and then write about it. Nobody will disagree with me on that, I am sure. Now I am kind of done with it, at least for some time. No more experiments in the kitchen. Although there will be experiments...this time with my sewing kit. My hands simply cannot stay still.
I have got a load of stuff that needs to be revamped. Not that they look bad now, but its just that if something more can be done, I will do it. Sometimes I buy things because I can see revamping potential in them right away. So after I buy it, the first thing I do is open the sewing kit.
In the past I have recreated one of my straw handbags by changing the handle from woven straw to an embroidered lace, it looks great now. I had also chopped up a casual harem pants to make it a 3/4 semi-formal trouser. Those pants had been bought on whim, but I rarely wore them. Now in the new avatar I look for opportunities to wear them. Another success was this beautiful Ritu Kumar kurti that hubby dear bought for me. I wore it as it was for quite some time, and then my hands started itching to do something. After a lot of thought I picked up the scissors. Yes I redesigned a designer outfit, halved the sleeves and created a few pleats. One of my friends didn't even realize that it was the same kurti. And for your information, it is all my handiwork, hard work no doubt.Unlike the new look of this blog which was changed with a few clicks.
Now its time to get my sewing kit out and see what new looks I can create again.
Lets see whats in my closet......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grill Pan – an Underated Kitchen Essential | Gomestic

Grill Pan – an Underated Kitchen Essential | Gomestic

It is in fact almost a year that I have been using my pan. Sometimes instead of frying I use this pan and with a few tablespoons of oil I have got some yummy and guiltless treats. I highly recommend it, if you are on a home-shopping spree.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Green Chicken Cutlets (Hariyali Kebab) | Notecook

Green Chicken Cutlets (Hariyali Kebab) | Notecook

This is one of my favorite cutlet recipe ...although sometimes I simply skip the spinach and add chopped spring onions instead.

Chickpea-spinach Salad | Healthmad

Chickpea-spinach Salad | Healthmad(click here)

This is something that I prepare mostly when hubby dear is not having lunch/dinner for with me. And I usually have my frozen stock of boiled chickpeas.Its quick and does not require a whole lot of ingredients. Initially the yogurt was not in the recipe and it happened by mistake first. The flavor changed so much and the entire dish could be savored cool as well, thus the recipe stuck. And now I always use yogurt.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Delightful Dips Four | Notecook

Delightful Dips Four | Notecook( Click Here)

I had tasted this condiment as part of Manado Cuisine. A few weeks ago found the green tomatoes in the local wet market, so guess what I did...
Yup tried out the Green Tomato Sambal...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mix Fruit Melody | Notecook

Mix Fruit Melody | Notecook(click here)

A beautiful mixture of the two earlier melodies.....Kya Sangam hai !!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pineapple Melody | Notecook

Pineapple Melody | Notecook Click Here)

In the Melody series, here is the pineapple version. This one tastes great too...and it has a story behind it as well.

Last week we dined out and had ordered fresh juices, little princess asked for watermelon (she calls it towmelon) and I ordered for pineapple.
As it turned out, she could not finish hers and one juice was not enough for me. So quietly, I poured some of her watermelon juice in my almost finished pineapple juice. Hubby dear did make a face, but after a sip the frown turned into a smile. I tried it again last night, with conventional methods obviously and it turned out great again. Thus was born Pineapple Melody.

P.S : Since watermelon is the common fruit this has become a Melody- series.

Curried Scramble Eggs | Notecook

Curried Scramble Eggs | Notecook

Angrezi name for desi anda bhurji ...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Grilled Prawns Skewers | Notecook

Grilled Prawns Skewers | Notecook ( Click Here)

Yet another seafood recipe that I enjoy preparing. Even though I do not eat prawns, it does not stop me from experimenting with them.
Prawns are as versatile as chicken or for that matter potatoes, a very good quality in foods, giving scope for a variety of dishes.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Perfect Kitchen Knife

The Perfect Kitchen Knife   ( Please click here)

Hi guys ,
I wrote this based on my experience in search of a perfect kitchen knife. All Iwanted was a sharp one which did all the jobs and without any fuss. Because lets face it, who has got the time really and besides our mothers and grand -mothers made delicious food with no modern tools.
It was the basic stuff for them that worked wonderfully. Sometimes, 'Old is Gold', what do you say??

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Skin Care From The Kitchen | Quazen

Skin Care From The Kitchen | Quazen

I made a slight twist in the regular home remedies ....and it works.

Skin Care From The Kitchen | Quazen

Skin Care From The Kitchen | Quazen

Hi folks here are some of my ideas for skin care from the kitchen.