Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning ......and its not even spring yet!

God knows what hit me today, I have been de-cluttering my home since morning. A little back-breaking exercise that requires some brain exercise too. Got out all the boxes, cartons, suitcases and emptied their contents. Then I made three piles - 1. throwing away, 2. giving away, 3. holding on (until next time). Must say the first two piles were way larger than than the third, and I am very pleased with myself. The job was pending for quite sometime now and it had to be done. Now my storage space is much more organized and my mind is at peace. Even as a young girl I enjoyed the job. It is kind of a de-stressing technique for me.

I have never been a hoarder for things at any point in my life, be it personal items, artifacts, clothes, furniture...whatever. If there is something that does not come in use for a year, it is transferred to one of the first two piles. I love handbags, but each time I buy a new one, an old one is given away or recommissioned. The same rule applies to my clothes and shoes( in a way I make room for newer stuff). I try to do it for hubby dear and my princess too( toys are inevitably rescued).

I feel good about myself and am thinking of newer ways to busy myself for the week ahead.

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