Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new ironing board

Like I usually mention , I like to do things by myself....get a thrill out of it. And this time I re-invented my ironing board, gave it a face lift and also made it slightly more energy efficient.

Well there was nothing wrong with the old board to begin with. It was strong and sturdy and did its job well. But I kind of got bored of its cover. It was orange with tiny teddy bears, cute but I was done with the teddies. Besides, there was an old cotton bed-sheet with a better print and I really wished to re-commission it. If things do not get thrown or given away, I re-use them in a new avatar. So I started this new project. Measured up the board and the sheet, cut according to size and got stitching. Hand- stitch that is... An hour of sitting on the floor with my poor neck craned upwards, not a very comfortable position though, the job was done.

And for the energy efficiency, I slid in a layer of aluminum foil between the new cover and the old one, before stitching. The foil will reflect the heat from the iron and make the ironing process easier and quicker. I had read this somewhere and promptly applied it, I hope it works.

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