Monday, February 7, 2011

Restless hands

Yes, as the title suggests, my hands are getting restless. And this time around I am not re-inventing my blanket. Instead, doing some art and craft, just like in the school days. Lots of glitter and glue, laces and ribbons, scissors and sticky tapes.

I am making some hand-made name cards(I don't know what is the exact term). The ones that you attach on a gift or a bouquet. Actually, last weekend we were buying gifts and preparing for the upcoming occasions. And during the exercise I realized, how ridiculously expensive the tiny tags are, and there is nothing special or unique about them. Just mass printed stuff with a tinge of glitter. I decided to make my own. So now I have 24 pretty name cards that are all unique, made from scratch and totally hand-made. I am happy , and hope the ones who receive them will be delighted too. 

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