Tuesday, March 2, 2010


     Wondering where I was..? Resting !! We all enjoyed a long weekend. And I am sure many of you must have partied hard and had a great time. It was Holi yesterday so I assume the merrymaking was inevitable through the weekend. Some of my friends were out of town for Holi celebrations, while some of us preferred to stay put at home and have some unadulterated family time and later meet up with friends.

This long weekend was quite simple as compared to usually what we do. Most of the times we get-together go for movies, picnics, arrange pot-lucks and of course one of us definitely throws a party. Thats because someone or the other surely has a birthday to celebrate or an anniversary coming up. So its party time...... Hoorraayy!! I love parties, whether I am giving them or am invited to them. Organizing a party is a thrill in itself. What new food will you cook, how will you present it , what dessert etc.....I love doing all that !! And when I had organized my daughters first birthday the preparations had started two months in advance. But even if its a dinner party at home with ten or so guests my excitement is the same. And as a guest too I have seen that each one of my lady friends puts her heart and soul into her own parties. I guess all of us thrive on it, showing off our culinary skills and efforts that is, and its an added bonus if we are well appreciated.

Some of the foods I have eaten at my friends places fascinated me ........the presentation and the thought behind it. Simply cannot forget the veggie sticks with the unique yogurt dip (want to know more about it), veggie skewers and chicken malai kebab. Or the veggie canapes (what was in the filling I wonder) and the yummy gajar halwa.  And of course the roasted eggplants, enchiladas (can i get the recipe) and chicken cordon bleu (hubby dear still thinks of it).
All in all I gather that we love to have a great time with good company and amazing food. These are the times to be cherished , having a long weekend to do the same is an added advantage, coz you don't have to worry about office and school the next day. So we all are relaxed. Children have a great time too. Plus the leftovers help you survive the next day!! And then after a restful weekend we are ready to face the real life, fully recharged (Monday Blues is another matter). 

So I say three cheers to weekends (long or otherwise), a great bunch of friends to enjoy them with and the spirit to celebrate, at any given time for whatever reason.

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  1. Hey I agree with you,its fun to spend weekends with friends and u r right about parties too.