Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey Everybody,
                           So what did you do last weekend??? I for one watched movies and two really good ones at that, at least according to me. Some movies really do leave an impact on us, they force us to think about the way we live our lives or conduct ourselves. I had heard somewhere that 'art imitates life' and then we are inspired by movies......whoa thats deep I guess!! In any case, these two movies that I am talking about both have the leading men in their twilight years . Its about seeing things from their perspective (I know that it already sounds boring).
The first one is called 'Road To Sangam' starring Paresh Rawal, a very well made movie with a message of communal harmony(whats new). But its a good watch for the sheer simplicity with which the story was handled. The characters are very real and believable as well as the plot. I wouldn't want to say much about it, coz I much rather you watch it.......though I must say that its not like MNIK  and  might not really break any records at the box  office, chances are that you might have heard about the movie just about now (I hope not).

Now for the second movie, this ones a Hollywood flick by the name 'Everybody's Fine' starring Robert De Niro. It also boasts of Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell (big names huh!!). This one is for parents and children and when the children become adults.  A recently widowed father (DeNiro) travels all over the country to meet up with his kids ( four of them).  And in the process he realizes that not only are they trying to avoid him they are also lying to him. In fact what he doesn't know is that they are doing so to protect him from hurt and disappointment.  A beautifully made movie, with deep emotions subtly portrayed. It got me thinking, if I had lied to my parents or elders so to speak just so they wouldn't worry too much and in the process hurt their feelings for an entirely different reason. I am sure we all must have at some point, but speaking for myself I suffered a major guilt trip, shed a few tears too.

But also isn't it true that when we lie with a good intent at heart its not a lie ??

Well then, when we say 'Everybody's Fine' so that somebody else stays fine and stress free then I think 'Everything's Fine' !!! 

One more movie I would recommend is  Gracie's Choice (Kristen Bell, Anne Heche) its an Hallmark T.V movie based on a real life adaptation ................on the occasion of Women's Day!



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