Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 March 27th 2010 Earth Hour was observed in the evening from 8:30-9:30  local time. The good news was, around 126 countries and territories participated in the event. So between the given time period most of the business organizations, households and institutions switched off the lights. Imagine the amount of saved energy just by going dark for an hour.

Next comes 22nd April , the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  Yet another day dedicated to Mother Earth . It is all great, but is it enough ...maybe not. But doing something on a large scale once or twice a year is just not enough. Creating awareness is fine, but how many really do something about it? We have inhabited this planet for thousands of years, and all that we have done is take from it. And after all this time we give back only a day or two. Can we not have Earth Day every month , or an Earth Hour every day ? Just an hour a day without electricity might not affect us that much but it will make a vast difference in preserving our planet, creating a better world for our children. If we have brought them into this world, we may as well give them a livable one.
Three cheers to WWF for organizing the event of Earth Hour, to the participating countries as well as the general public who took responsibility. Everybody talks about saving the planet earth and our leaders hold much publicized conferences to tackle this issue, but I guess most of us forget to simply switch off the bathroom light while talking on our cellphones. It is these small daily acts that will eventually help in making everyday Earth Day.

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