Saturday, February 27, 2010


Guess what happened yesterday?? No sooner than I posted FIRNI PE FIDA  I regretted it. The post has a recipe for firni , and I thought who dosen't know how to prepare it.........we all do !!!!!!!!!! So why am I doing this ??? writing blogs recipes.....

 Anyways I slept over these nagging thoughts. In the morning it dawned to me, I am writing these blogs as an outlet to all those ideas that keep on dancing in my head.
And I would like to share it with my friends......We all can cook and do too, but if one little tip /trick saves somebody 20 minutes then why not pass it on. And its not only about cooking, it is anything that revolves around our daily life. Or simply discussing something that takes place around us and we have an opinion on. 

Everytime I sit down to write , I think about who might read it and does it really do any good to them ........ I sincerely hope it does! Besides this is just a beginning, I hope to have a larger readership  and receive feedback so as to enhance  my  own knowledge. Because I am pretty sure that all of you have a treasure trunk full of ideas that can be shared and appreciated by the rest of us. 

So friends this is my request to all of you to send me what you have in mind or really like and I will broadcast it on the blog. Comments and reviews are more than welcome. If you have any queries or  recipes that are your specialties or a tip /trick that saves time and energy....... simply e-mail it to me on and i will try to do the needful. And not to mention that the more readers we have the more exchange of information will take place , so let your friends know about this blog-site and widen the circle. To me it looks like a win-win about you??

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