Thursday, March 25, 2010


These days I watch a lot of animated movies.......the little princess makes me sit next to her while she watches them!! Some of them I must have seen over 20-25 times. And she actually chooses the movie herself!! So one day she watches UP, the next day Shrek and the next Monsters Inc. The point being that my princess is turning into a movie buff( I hope its just kiddie movies).

Then last week a new movie released (animated ofcourse!) How To Train Your Dragon. And we wanted our princess to watch that one too. Here comes Saturday and there goes Sunday and nothing happened.......we didn't watch the movie! Finallly Hubby dear decided to come home a little bit early and take us to watch it......(wow). And as it turned out for 5:45 show we were stuck in the traffic until 6,obviously we missed that show!!! But living in city of malls (as I call it) we luckily had another theatre option, so we changed our direction and headed towards it(yippeeee!!). We reached at the nick of time an managed to not miss even the promotional advertisements.

The movie itself was not bad , it was quite good actually !! But coming from the makers of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, I expected a lot more( no idea what?? ........hubby dear liked it ). Again the movie was good enough for a single watch (kids might differ though).
Probably what didn't sit well with me was the fact that it was a 3-D movie ( dunno if normal version is available). 3-D gives me a I was taking off the glasses at regular intervals, maybe thats why I did not enjoy the it as much. There was enough violence and lets not forget the sound-effects . However the plot and the characters were quite good , the dragon was cute and I really liked the character of Astrid. The friendship between the main character (Hiccup) and the dragon is sweet as well. In any case my little princess had fun(though she was scared a few times) and was mimicking the dragon later on.

All in all a movie which the kids( 4yrs-12yrs) might appreciate much more the their parents. And I still feel the 3-D effect was not really needed ( but i didn't make the movie!!)
But atleast we learn that compassion can tame even a ferocious watch it for the message !!!!

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