Friday, March 12, 2010

SUPER SALADS ..........1

Beginning today I will be penning as many (I hope there are many) salad recipes as possible. I love salads and find them extremely easy to make (assemble). Mostly healthy , usually colorful, and definitely tasty, thats my definition for salads.

Today it will be Pineapple Salad. Yummy, I like it and so do my friends n family (or so they say). But one thing I have noticed is that the kids really love it. Its a staple at most of my do's, and hope it becomes a favorite at you home too. So get set to cook!!! (ha ha there's no cooking involved)

Pineapple Salad Recipe :

1 cup sweet pineapple (chopped to bite size)
1 cup apple (chopped to bite size)
1 cup boiled potatoes (chopped to bite size)
1 cup macaroni (boiled and drained)
1 cup capsicum (red, yellow , green mix and chopped know what size)
4 tbsp mayonnaise
4 tbsp milk
salt and pepper to taste

Once all these ingredients are ready simply mix them together in a large bowl add the seasoning and keep it to chill.
Before serving if the consistency is too thick add some more milk and enjoy.
Serves 4-6, I like it as a meal in itself or a mid -meal snack. But no matter how you savor it do try it out and let me know what you think.

P.S : The pineapples have to be sweet or use tinned pineapples instead.

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