Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost Panko........

It was only last year I got to know about Panko. Its another name for Japanese bread crumbs. And what makes Panko different from our normal bread crumbs? Well to begin with they are absolutely white in colour and a lot more flakier, so the final product is much more crisp and has a lovely golden hue. And it also does not clump up like the regular bread crumbs.

So I used the store bought one for quite sometime until I made my own out of laziness ....literally. I usually make my own regular bread crumbs - you know the drill I guess. Slightly toasting the leftover bread in a low oven and then grinding it all up. Now the other day, I had sliced baguette and another loaf, without the crust which I had kept in the refrigerator and both were rock hard. As usual, I was feeling lazy to get the food processor out. And since the bread was already hard I decided to skip the oven too. Instead I used the mandolin (vegetable grater/ slicer) with the widest slit/ holes to grate the bread. And I got my panko ....just like that. Of course it helps to use a large plate or bowl for the flaky crumbs as they have a tendency of flying in all directions no matter how careful you are.

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