Thursday, February 25, 2010


      Yesterday I had a spring in my step knowing that I am a certified blogger now and have a few followers. I received a few appreciative and encouraging comments on Facebook too. It was a good feeling and a good day overall.
     That was until evening, when I received a call from hubby dear asking me to switch on to the news channel. Not sure as to what I might find I did as I was told................and immediately jumped with joy (for a change it was good news ). Yes Sachin .................THE SACHIN TENDULKAR  had scored a double century in an ODI and in the process set a new record. The feat is a first in one day cricket history  as far as i know. I was and still am thrilled just thinking about it, got goosebumps and all. Wow I have no words............

     A long time ago I had noticed a poster during one of the matches where India was playing, it said "GOD PLAYS FOR INDIA....HE BATS AT NO.4 " ,  well do I need to mention who was batting at no.4. In any case that guy who made the poster surely knew what he was saying.
    Ofcourse I am a Sachin fan for his game but also for his conduct on  and off the field. With whatever knowledge I have of cricket and the buzz around it (courtesy - hubby dear and news /sports channels ) I can safely assume that he does not have any controvesies with any other players ( national /international ). This itself takes tremendous mental stability and a good dose of maturity not to mention modesty, which is ever present in him. Even when a few so called "enlightened cricket experts" said that he should retire, Sachin did what he does best......kept playing!!  They said he is way past his prime , he should retire ...blah ..blahh..............whoa what an answer he gave them.

    He has always been the greatest cricketer ever (atleast for me) and now there is no denying that fact. He is a LEGEND.....and will always be an INSPIRATION to the younger generations who aspire to reach to great heights  relying on their talent and hard work.


SACHIN THIS ONE IS JUST FOR YOU.....................


  1. i watched the end of th match while i was workin out.... so i exctly kno wat ur talkin abt... too good.. thumbs up!!! :))