Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pineapple Melody | Notecook

Pineapple Melody | Notecook Click Here)

In the Melody series, here is the pineapple version. This one tastes great too...and it has a story behind it as well.

Last week we dined out and had ordered fresh juices, little princess asked for watermelon (she calls it towmelon) and I ordered for pineapple.
As it turned out, she could not finish hers and one juice was not enough for me. So quietly, I poured some of her watermelon juice in my almost finished pineapple juice. Hubby dear did make a face, but after a sip the frown turned into a smile. I tried it again last night, with conventional methods obviously and it turned out great again. Thus was born Pineapple Melody.

P.S : Since watermelon is the common fruit this has become a Melody- series.

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