Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie Time

These days I much rather prefer to watch animated movies than the normal ones. Little Princess has her own enviable collection of animated movies and she likes to have company while watching them. Besides, since a long time none of the normal movies are worth a watch. Be it Hindi movies or English, one is worse than the other. Though I do hope I haven't missed any good ones.

Last weekend we watched Toystory-3, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Who said cartoons are for kids only? This movie had all the ingredients of a block-buster, minus real actors. But no one missed them, at least we didn't. A slight roller-coaster of emotions, we laughed,were scared and had damp eyes too. A job so well done by the makers, that even Little Princess understood what is going on in the movie.

I don't know what is the next movie that I will watch, but I am looking forward for another animated movie to release soon, because then I will be sure of not being disappointed.

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