Thursday, June 17, 2010


Needle And Spool
These last few weeks all I was doing was cook and then write about it. Nobody will disagree with me on that, I am sure. Now I am kind of done with it, at least for some time. No more experiments in the kitchen. Although there will be experiments...this time with my sewing kit. My hands simply cannot stay still.
I have got a load of stuff that needs to be revamped. Not that they look bad now, but its just that if something more can be done, I will do it. Sometimes I buy things because I can see revamping potential in them right away. So after I buy it, the first thing I do is open the sewing kit.
In the past I have recreated one of my straw handbags by changing the handle from woven straw to an embroidered lace, it looks great now. I had also chopped up a casual harem pants to make it a 3/4 semi-formal trouser. Those pants had been bought on whim, but I rarely wore them. Now in the new avatar I look for opportunities to wear them. Another success was this beautiful Ritu Kumar kurti that hubby dear bought for me. I wore it as it was for quite some time, and then my hands started itching to do something. After a lot of thought I picked up the scissors. Yes I redesigned a designer outfit, halved the sleeves and created a few pleats. One of my friends didn't even realize that it was the same kurti. And for your information, it is all my handiwork, hard work no doubt.Unlike the new look of this blog which was changed with a few clicks.
Now its time to get my sewing kit out and see what new looks I can create again.
Lets see whats in my closet......


  1. I trust your creative skills for sure!!!

  2. hey thanks !!!!!!!