Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This past weekend was one of the best and most memorable to me. The Jakarta Cricket Association held its dinner along with the closure of its current seasons cricket league. The guest of honor was Mr. Syed Kirmani, who had come down all the way from India to give away the awards. And being the secretary of JCA hubby dear and myself were fortunate enough to know Mr. Kirmani and Mrs. Habiba Kirmani closely.

We did not know what to expect before meeting them. A cricketing legend, who was the best wicket-keeper in the '83 World Cup and a key member of the '83 World Cup winning squad. But we were in for a pleasant surprise. Despite being celebrity, both of them preferred not to behave like one. In fact they were so kind -they made us feel like we were long lost friends, though we had just met. There was not an ounce of pride in their words and actions throughout the three days. It takes a lot to remain grounded even after achieving so much fame and fortune. And this quality has been excelled by the couple. In their eyes everyone is equal, and to think first class cricketers around the world are their bosom buddies.

We had a great time with them - did some shopping, sightseeing and watched the JCA League final match. It was all very exciting for us and I sincerely hope they had a good time too.  The reason I am writing almost two days late is because I needed sometime to sum up what I felt and put it into words. Though I still think I have not done justice. No doubt, earlier we respected Mr. Kirmani  for his experience and achievements. Something which most of us can only dream of. But after meeting him and Mrs.Habiba in person and knowing them, we have been awed by their humility. We got to learn a lot from them in a short period of time about sportsmanship, companionship, positive thinking and being thankful of whatever life has to offer us. 

I do not know how to end this post, I have so much to say... All I can say is , thank you Mr.and Mrs. Kirmani for inspiring us to lead a simple life , which is indeed the most foolproof  way to live happily ever after...Thank You.

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