Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its been a long time since I have posted something. This is because I have been living in an alternate world these days - the world of daily soaps. They are not my cup of tea, but mom-in-law is a fan so I keep company. Truly speaking they are more interesting if there is someone to discuss the plots with. And we have had our share of discussions.

Pretty ladies in full make-up, beautiful sarees and fine jewellery - that would put a real-life bride to shame, plot and plan. The men on the other hand simply nod their heads to whatever their mothers/wives/girlfriends have to say. Go! Woman Power Go! The daily soaps are addictive, just a week in and I am hooked. Cannot help but wonder what is Rano up to next  or how will Suhana cope with her new life. Besides getting a peek at the latest fashion trends back home is another plus.

Almost all of these soaps have women protagonists. None of them are happy, despite being the ideal woman. While the vamps are always having a good time, enjoying the other persons misery. So what message do these soaps convey, I wonder. 

Message or not, but the title songs and music are catchy and hummable. It is no surprise then, that little princess keeps humming Bidaaiii ...bidaaiii and many more.


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