Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It was a perfect day, last Sunday. We had a late night on Saturday as usual, and woke up early Sunday morning. Hubby dear was to play a cricket match on the Cibubur Grounds and we ladies were looking forward to spend the day outdoors. Clear skies and a cool breeze were the order of the day, a perfect day for cricket as well as a picnic.

I usually accompany hubby dear to his matches, been doing so since the time he started playing club cricket in Jakarta. I like to watch him play as much as I enjoy to spend sometime away from the city. Just idling away time in the near wilderness, watching little princess play her version of cricket on the practice pitch, while hubby dear sweats it out on the ground.

This time around my mom-in law also accompanied us since she is in town. It was great to cruise through the traffic free roads and actually enjoying the view outside. In no time we reached our destination, and thus began our picnic. The weather was cool and the sky cloudless, what else does one need. While we watched hubby dear play, little princess was already exploring the wilderness, and enjoying it too. We had packed our lunch, there was also an Indian stall serving samosa, tea and lassi - for those snack pangs. Of course we indulged. Usually at the Cibubur grounds I find my monthly stock of curry leaves, but unfortunately this time the tree was chopped off. That was disappointing indeed. 

Besides us there were quite a few spectators, a few kids too. By the looks of it everybody was enjoying the surrounding as much as the game. The game itself was very exciting, the competitors giving each other a tough time. Hubby dears team defended well but not enough, a very good effort altogether, could not sustain it though. The opposition won, it was a well deserved win. The return journey was marked by silence - little princess was asleep and we were tired. We did not feel like discussing cricket either, no surprises there.

All in all we had a great day outdoors, something we we do not do always. Winning and losing is part of every competitive game and we too took it in our stride. Next year, I will be there again and hopefully write about an exciting win.

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