Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Movies...

Just when I thought that there were no more good movies and one will have resort to animated ones I watched three recently released movies almost back to back.
The Karate Kid, whoa what a movie. Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith were so good, it was difficult to decide who was a better in the movie. An enjoyable movie that can be watched again and again. The plot was similar to the older movie but refreshing. Jaden Smith is making his father proud. Mr.Chan has matured in to more serious acting while letting the youngsters do most of the jumping around stuff.
Knight and Day, well with stars like Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz no one would like to miss this flick, but one is more hype than matter. Quite a plot but could have been better. Mediocre acting by big names is a disappointment in itself. The name was somehow confusing/misleading, if anybody solves the mystery related to the name of the movie, please let me know.
A-Team, well this one was a surprise package.We did not expect a lot from this movie, but it did have a lot to offer. Sort of an action flick with some very witty dialogues and comical moments. The movie started with a bang and went on in the same way throughout. Not a moment of boredom, the pace was fast and engaging as was the end.This movie can be watched again.
So movie-wise it was a good week, lets see what other movies come up next. 

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