Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its been long...

Its been a long long time since I sat down and wrote something. No this does not mean writing little reminder slips. I mean writing my blog. This month just seemed to fly away... I don't even remember when it began, and its almost the month-end now. Its like amnesia, I cannot remember anything but the last two weeks. Is it only me or it happens to others too?

Had a few dinner parties, enjoyed a lovely lunch with friends. Celebrated hubby dears birthday, it was simple and quite, that was good.  A few of my new creations were appreciated by my friends, it felt good. I tried my hand at a sorbet and it was a hit. Setting up home, all over again was exciting even though a bit tiring. My mom in law is back in town, so there is a month of long chats, shopping sprees and recipe swapping in store. Little princess is enjoying the extra attention from her grand-mom. Now that that I see a few less hectic days ahead, hopefully I will be able resume writing again.

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