Thursday, May 27, 2010

It hurts to say 'Good-bye'

I really enjoyed the last month and a half. My mom in law was in town and we always have a great time together. We really do enjoy each others company. Be it shopping, recipe swapping or plain gossiping time flies when we are together. This time too I felt that time flew. Well yesterday was not one of my best days, because we dropped her off at the airport. Though we did not say much to each other, both of us knew exactly how the other felt. Our moist eyes did the job. Even little princess felt that something was not right.
Now we are back to our daily routine, which even sounds boring. No more long afternoon chats or the thrill of window shopping. Will definitely miss mom in law's special cooking yummy and oozing with love. My poor little princess, searches for 'daadi' and then reminds herself that she has gone to India. She is missing a playmate too. All I hope for now is that time flies again till either we go home or mom in law comes back.

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