Sunday, May 9, 2010

City of Malls

When I first arrived in Jakarta, I was overwhelmed. There was no one we knew and hardly understood the language. So while hubby dear was busy at work, I visited the malls. Suddenly a whole new world opened up. The polite salesgirls were like friends, trying to decipher my Bahasa, while speaking their version of English. And time flew.
Now I have settled here and know some of the malls like the back of my hand. There are so many malls here, I call Jakarta-"City of Malls". That is how I describe it to friends and family back home. Naturally when they visit us here, we take them to as many malls as possible. That is what we are doing these days, mom-in-law and myself, repeating what we did back home a few years ago. Finishing off the chores by mid-morning, off we go, returning just before hubby dear does.
Going to the malls almost everyday, does not mean we buy all the time. We enjoy window-shopping ( I call it-"Malling") as much as the real thing.Checking out the latest trends in clothing and accessories is great. It gives us a lot of ideas to revamp our wardrobes. And when really shopping we enjoy bargaining as well. That is a different thrill altogether.
Obviously, I miss my gym sessions due to these outings, but I guess walking the corridors and aisles of the malls does burn a few calories.

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