Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dealing with Left-over Food

The Left-over Labyrinth

Last week we had quite a few dinner parties at our place. Naturally there was a lot of food and eventually a great deal of left-over the next day. Earlier I would simply re-heat and consume it as the next meal, but one does get bored of eating the same thing again. So these days I improvise, this way the food is not wasted and it is savored with delight as the look and taste get a makeover. I mash up the veggies from mixed vegetable korma, add a few boiled potatoes and pav-bhaji masala, saute it all and convert the korma into instant Pav Bhaji. And if the pav bhaji is freshly made and some of it remaining is turned into a lasagna, by layering it with cheese and lasagna sheets alternately and baked for 15-20 minutes. Palak paneer can be pureed,mixed with flour and made into a dough for delicious Palak Paratha's.
There are many more such tricks that can be put to use to reduce food wastage. I would have added more, but hubby dear thinks that my friends would have doubts about eating at our place the next time. The below link has a few more ideas,do go through them as well.

Dealing with Left-over Food

P.S : Left-over food is best used the next day itself and its new version consumed immediately.

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